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Youths: It Is Time To Change The Narrative As ‘Leaders Of Tomorrow’

Youths: It Is Time To Change The Narrative As 'Leaders Of Tomorrow'

If you have been thinking of how to make a change in the society, this is for you. It is the time for us especially the youths to change story and set things right.

I was told several times that ‘I AM THE FUTURE LEADER OF TOMORROW’.

So far, the tomorrow is yet to come. The question is when will the ‘tomorrow arrive?’

Nigeria will be having its general elections in 2023, and majority of the candidates are at least 40 years and above. I have a lot of questions; What happened to the inclusion of the youths?

Why are the forms expensive?

Political parties should encourage and recruit youths to be honest and trustworthy. The fees for forms should not be too high, this will discourage the youth from buying it (the form).

During the End SARS protest, thousands of persons demanded for a better leadership, disbandment of the SARS unit and reformement of the police.

The ‘End SARS’ movement is still one of our biggest achievement, it will forever be remembered that the youths took a stand and talked.

The involvement of youths in the election

The youths have the power to change the narrative of the election. They have the ability to push out their views through social media and other platforms.

Lately, the call for continuous voters’ card has tripled with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) reviewing the deadline for the exercise.

Nigerians have had enough of leaders who will not make the nation better or make their lives easier.

Nigerians have also vowed not to sell their votes or encourage rigging of the upcoming 2023 elections.

BizWatch Nigeria will be hosting a Twitter Space Conversation on Wednesday 29, June 2022 to address the participation of youths in the electoral process.

Click on this link https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1OyKADgRMqnxb to join the conversation on Twitter by 5 pm.

Rate of youth unemployment in Nigeria

Unemployment is not a strange term, especially not in Nigeria.

According to Macrotrends, below are the rates of unemployment in Nigeria.

The rate in 2019 was 17.69%, a 1.89% increase from 2018. Nigeria youth unemployment rate for2018 was 15.80%, a 1.89% increase from 2017.
While 2017 the rate of unemployment was 13.91%, a 1.43% increase from 2016. The rate of unemployment in Nigeria for 2016 was 12.48%, a 4.67% increase from 2015.

Trading Economics talked about the rate of unemployed youths in Nigeria, take a look at the chart below.

We have a lot of things to do if we want to be the future leaders of tomorrow, till then provide solutions and be united.

From yours truly, ‘The Ambivert’.


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