CP Deploys Police Officers For Preventive Measures

Police Beneficiaries Get N535m

According to Abiodun Alabi, the commissioner of police for Lagos State, police officers have been sent to guard the state’s entry and exit points in response to the current security challenges in the nation. This is done to deter crime from occurring.

Alabi claimed that the police officers stationed at the state’s exit and entry points had been given specific instructions to enforce stop-and-search laws.

He said that the action was a part of the command’s proactive efforts to safeguard people and property by ensuring that the state has sufficient security.

However, he refuted claims that Lagos State had been partially placed under lockdown due to security threats.

Alabi said, “It is just stop-and-search which is just preventive measures. It is just proactive and preventive measures because of the prevailing security situation in the country.
“We were advised to put preventive and proactive measures in place, so, partial lockdown where, we are just doing our normal stop-and-search to prevent crime, and it is at the entry and exit points and not that Lagos State is on partial lockdown.

“Where is a partial lockdown? is there anything like partial lockdown? it is just stop and search as preventive measures.”


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