Top 7 Websites For Job Interview Preparation

Once you have carefully filled the job application and submitted it, next is the prepartion for interview.

An interview is an oral examination of an applicant for a job.

First thing you should do when applying for a job is to check how legit the job is, then you ask yourself if the job you are applying for is what would interest you.

Then confirm the pay, location and also proofread your application before you send it.

Now, that the job application has been sent and you have been shortlisted for the interview, it is time to prepare for the interview.

According to Charlie Batch “Proper preparation prevents poor performance”.

Before you go for the interview, do some research about the organization, the leadership, the team, their products/services, what the job entails and what will be expected of you.

Also, be sure to select the appropriate outfit.

Things needed for interview preparation

Top 7 Websites For Interview Preparation

Folder: You need a folder to put your documents and stationaries in, to protect your files and keep them organized.

Copies of your resume: When going for an interview it’s advisable to make several copies of your resume.

Portfolio/work samples: Your potential employer might demand to see what you have worked on as proof that you are fit for the job.

References: Your references should always be ready especially when you are preparing for an interview, always keep it updated.

Pen and notepad: This is a must-have, be sure to have not just a pen with you but a working pen and a notepad when you go for an interview.

Here are top 7 websites that helps you prepare better for interview:

1. AmbitionBox: AmbitionBox is a private Indian company that helps individuals prepare for interviews, through the endless list of interview questions for all professions.

The site also helps you understand organizations, how to calculate your expected salary expectation, how to reply to questions and tests to use for practice.

2. GeeksforGeeks: GeeksforGeeks was created to provide well written, comprehensive solutions for selected questions.

Programmers and computer scientists would benefit more from this site.

3. LeetCode: LeetCode is a platform to helps to enhance skills, expansion of knowledge and proper preparation for technical interviews.

There are also job applications on the site.

4.AceTheInterview: This site gives you access to interview questions across the industry and helps you prepare for an interview.

5. CareerCup: A great way to prepare for an interview is by checking out CareerCup, this site has books and videos on how to land jobs, how to prepare for the interview and how to answer questions correctly.

It also has interview questions and offers a revision of resumes.

6.Interviewing: Interviewing lets you warm up with anonymous mock interviews and helps you apply for a job.

7. Coding Career: Helps coders to prepare for interviews by providing an avenue for practice and development.

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