Top 10 Most Expensive App Acquisitions Ever

Prominent procurements have been crucial in molding the technology environment. Prominent technology businesses have invested heavily in purchasing well-known applications and platforms, ranging from social media behemoths to e-commerce titans.

The top ten most costly app acquisitions in history are listed on Bizwatch Nigeria, highlighting historic agreements that have influenced the IT industry.

The Top 10 Most Expensive App Acquisitions In History

RankAppBuyerPrice (in USD Billion)
1X/TwitterElon Musk$44
4GiphyMeta (Facebook)$21.8
5WhatsappMeta (Facebook)$19.3

X/Twitter – Acquired by Elon Musk

Price: $44 Billion USD

Ethan reveals, ‘Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter for a staggering $44 billion signals his ambitious plans for the social media platform – as does his decision to change its name to ‘X’. With Musk at the helm, Twitter is poised to undergo significant transformations, potentially integrating with other ventures such as Tesla and SpaceX.’ The acquisition marks a strategic move for Musk, aligning Twitter’s platform with his vision for decentralized social media and with his broader technological innovation and disruption goals.

Slack – Acquired by Salesforce

Price: $27.8 Billion USD

Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack for $27.8 billion solidifies its position as a leader in cloud-based communication and collaboration tools. By integrating Slack into its suite of services, Salesforce aims to revolutionize how businesses communicate and collaborate remotely. Ethan says, ‘The acquisition provides Salesforce with a powerful platform for team collaboration, enabling seamless integration with its existing customer relationship management (CRM) tools.’

LinkedIn – Acquired by Microsoft

Price: $26 Billion USD

Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn for $26 billion is a strategic move to strengthen its position in the professional networking space. ‘The integration of LinkedIn’s vast user base and data with Microsoft’s productivity tools enhances the company’s ecosystem, offering users a seamless experience across platforms,’ says Ethan. The acquisition gives Microsoft access to LinkedIn’s extensive network of professionals, providing valuable data insights and enhancing the company’s enterprise offerings.

Giphy – Acquired by Meta (Facebook)

Price: $21.8 Billion USD

Meta’s acquisition of Giphy for $21.8 billion is aimed at enhancing its social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Integrating Giphy’s extensive library of animated GIFs enhances user engagement and drives content creation across Meta’s platforms. Ethan states, ‘The acquisition enables Meta to strengthen its position in the social media market by providing users with more interactive and engaging content options.’

Whatsapp – Acquired by Meta (Facebook)

Price: $19.3 Billion USD

Meta’s acquisition of Whatsapp for $19.3 billion is a strategic move to expand its reach in the messaging app market. With over two billion users worldwide, Whatsapp is a valuable addition to Meta’s portfolio, offering new opportunities for monetisation and integration with its other platforms. The acquisition allows Meta to tap into Whatsapp’s large user base and leverage its popularity to drive engagement and revenue across its social media ecosystem.

The data was taken from After collecting all the data, we gave all the apps a ranking based on the highest selling value at the time of acquisition.

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