The Return to Home Entertaining and At-Home Gatherings By Mojisola Akinkunmi

Strains of Billie Holiday mingled with laughter as my book club settled into mismatched chairs scattered artfully across my living room. Amber light flickering from assorted candles made our makeshift circle feel cosy.

A cheese and fruit grazing board I’d assembled sat snacked upon as friends caught up on life updates both silly and serious before diving into intellectual discussion over the latest novel…My imperfect but intimate gathering offered a comfort no trendy restaurant could replace.

Many crave the nostalgic warmth of at-home entertaining again after endless lockdowns and increasingly disconnected digital-first lives. Opening our personal spaces sparks vulnerability fostering deeper bonds. Playfully dubbed “nesting,” leaning into home-based hanging counters pressure to portray picture-perfect hosting among Instagrammable backdrops.

Getting comfortable starting small or loosely themed encourages regularly embracing easy hospitality. Reimagine everyday spaces by flowing furniture into flexible seating arrangements definition dining tables don’t dictate.

Own your aesthetic through creative vignettes displaying favourite books, plants, artworks or curios. Limit menus to edited classics you excel at preparing over aspiring culinary feats. Hearty grazing spreads keep things casual yet satisfying. Playlists, activities like games or competitive shake-offs and parting gifts elevate modest affairs.

You needn’t accomplish Pinterest-worthy parties solo either in avoiding hosting burnout. Delegate dishes for potlucks. Outsource heavy cleaning to professional services so you can actually relax and engage. Graciously receiving assistance prevents undue stress.

Ultimately, embracing “perfectly imperfect” home entertaining honours self-care while deepening bonds through authenticity. Surround yourself with people who let you be comfortable rather than judging decor decisions.

After endless turbulence keeping people safely distanced, be vulnerable to bridge closer gaps again. Swap spectacle for intimacy. The warmth of togetherness filling cosy, familiar spaces promises connection beyond choreography faćades. Come as you are and let home nourish the soul.

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