The Most Used Apps In Singapore

Singapore has become the most innovative country on that side of Asia. Thanks to this, you can find countless apps that make the life of residents and visitors much more effortless. Take a moment to explore the most used apps in Singapore and see the benefits you can obtain in the short and long run. After that, maybe you can travel to Singapore and see it with your own eyes. 


Since COVID-19 continues to be present in most countries, the TraceTogether app has become essential for Singaporeans. The app records your entry to most public places. It’s a lifesaver when you forget the TraceTogether token at home. It also offers a page showing your fully-vaccinated status. Remember to follow the health authorities’ indications, so you don’t get into trouble during your visit.


The SingPass app provides access to government services, like logging into CPF and IRAS. Also, you can apply for financial services, view exam results, and many more options. The app has a mobile authentication factor, making it much faster than visiting a government building.


GrabFood is the preferred app for getting food on your doorstep in Singapore. You can also opt for other popular food delivery apps, like Deliveroo and FoodPanda. They also have great deals on takeaway and delivery. Remember to have a credit or debit card at hand to make your payment more manageable.


Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms in Singapore. Most people now have it on their phones, tablets, laptops, or TVs. Netflix streams the best movies and shows from America and other parts of the world. Take a few minutes to watch it during your bus ride or lunch break. There is always time to watch some Netflix! 


The most popular social app in Singapore is TikTok, in which short-form videos are shared with a global audience. Young people are drawn to this platform as they can better express their feelings and emotions. Don’t worry though, you can still use Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook.

HealthHub SG

The HealthHub SG app allows Singapore citizens to coordinate appointments in public hospitals and clinics. They can also check medical results and screenings and check health records. It provides advice whenever you need to get a screening and it has a feature that shows vaccination status as well. 

Singapore eVisa

Singapore continues to be on top of technological innovations. Therefore, it’s easy to see how the most popular apps attract millions of Singaporeans and visitors. If you want to visit Singapore soon and see how they work on-site, you must apply for the [Singapore eVisa]. This official travel document provides access to the country for tourism reasons. The good news is that [iVisa] offers a platform to process your digital application in order to get this electronic visa. You only need an internet connection, and experts will process your details. Expect an email with the digital document and what it’s like to meet immigration authorities when entering Singapore. You can trust our customer service agents with your doubts and get your official document before your trip. Travel to Singapore now to learn more about their most used apps!

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