Sir Alex Ferguson Is The World’s Most Successful Football Manager

Italian Serie A Clubs To Restart Championship on June 13
Italian Serie A Clubs To Restart Championship on June 13

Casino Encyclopedia has recently conducted a study that identifies the most successful football managers, using trophy counts, net worth, and the variety of teams managed. The study creates a score for each manager by adjusting these factors to a scale from 0 to 1, then weighting them according to their importance to a manager’s success. A total index is assigned to each manager and the ranking is compiled by descending order.

Sir Alex Ferguson secures the top spot as the world’s most successful manager on the list and his leading position is secured by the highest number of trophy count of 49 and a net worth of $70M.  Ferguson’s unmatched success with Manchester United, where he won 13 Premier League titles, makes him the most successful manager in the history of the English Premier League and in this ranking. 

José Mourinho secures the second spot with 26 trophies and a $120M net worth, making him the richest on the list. Mourinho is the only manager to win a Champions League with Porto, placing him higher on the list highlighting his tactical genius and ability to lead underdog teams to European trophies. Additionally, he’s among a select group of managers to have won league titles in four different countries. 

Pep Guardiola comes in third, with 34 trophies including league titles in Spain, Germany, and England and a $60M net worth. Guardiola achieved 100 wins as Manchester City manager in just 132 games, the fastest in Premier League history. While his trophy count surpasses Mourinho’s, Mourinho leads in net worth giving him slightly higher score in the ranking.

Carlo Ancelotti is fourth with 25 trophies and a $50M net worth. His four Champions League titles make him as the competition’s most successful manager and place him high in the ranking. This achievement, coupled with being the first manager to win league titles in all top five leagues in Europe, further secure his position on the list. 

Luiz Felipe Scolari ranks fifth, combining 19 trophies with a $20M net worth. Scolari’s 2002 World Cup win with Brazil earned his place in this list, leading Brazil to all seven victories in the tournament. 

Giovanni Trapattoni is in sixth place, with 23 trophies and a $45M net worth. Trapattoni’s  place in the ranking is secured by winning all three major European club competitions — the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, and UEFA Cup. 

Marcello Lippi holds the seventh position, with 21 trophies and a $30M net worth. Lippi’s place in the list is secured by being one of the very few managers to have won both the FIFA World Cup with Italy and the UEFA Champions League with Juventus. 

Arsène Wenger is eighth, amassing 21 trophies and a $48M net worth. Wenger earns his spot on this list largely because he led Arsenal to an unbeaten Premier League season in 2003-2004, known as “The Invincibles,” showcasing his game-changing approach to football.

Roberto Mancini ranks ninth, with 13 trophies and a $45M net worth. Though his trophy count is less than the other managers in the list, Mancini’s place in the ranking is secured by bringing Manchester City their first English league title in 44 years.

Antonio Conte completes the list, with 9 trophies and a net worth of $74M. His recent triumph in leading Inter Milan to a Serie A title in the 2020-2021 season, breaking Juventus’s nine-year championship streak makes him a prominent member in the list. 


Here is the list summed up: 

NameNet WorthNumber of TrophiesNumber of Teams ManagedTotal Index
Alex Ferguson$70M4950.755
José Mourinho$120M26110.605
Pep Guardiola$60M3830.573
Carlo Ancelotti$50M25100.46
Luiz Felipe Scolari$20M19200.435
Giovanni Trapattoni$45 M22110.423
Marcello Lippi$30M21140.415
Arsène Wenger$48M2150.352
Roberto Mancini$45 M13110.305
Antonio Conte$74M9100.293

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