Osinbajo Starts Campaign For Clean Energy, Economic Growth, Job Creation In Africa

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Former Vice President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo SAN, has started a campaign for the conversion to clean energy systems that are driving economic growth, generating jobs and sustainable livelihoods, and helping to meet immediate climate goals.

The start of this campaign is sequel to his recent appointment as the global advisor for Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP), with immediate effect.

The campaign, which started from Lagos in Nigeria, is expected to cover other African countries, designed to empower individuals and small businesses with electricity that comes from renewable energy.

At a press briefing in Lagos, the Chief Executive Officer of GEAPP, Mr. Simon Harford, who spoke about the campaign, said it started from Ikorodu market in Lagos, where traders were provided with roof-top solar panel that generates electricity 24/7 to power their businesses.

According to him, over 700 million people globally have no access to electricity, including Nigeria, while half of the global population lacks access to affordable, sufficient and reliable energy to power their lives and businesses, adding that GEAPP is determined to provide access to clean energy to people globally, including Nigeria.

“The roof-top solar energy that we installed in Ikorodu market has significantly improved businesses, as traders now have increased customers and sales, due to constant electricity supply from our roof-top solar panel. We are determined to cover the entire Nigeria with clean energy and Prof. Osinbajo will support GEAPP’s partnership with governments to enhance the enabling environment and delivery effectiveness to unlock faster and greater capital flows into the clean energy sector. He will also continue his activity as a leading advocate for Just Energy Transitions in Africa including scaling up Africa’s share of the global carbon market via the Africa Carbon Markets Initiative (ACMI),” Harford said.

Osinbajo who also spoke at the press conference, stated his resolve to champion access to clean energy in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

“I am particularly happy that I will be working with GEAPP to drive clean energy in Nigeria and Africa. I am fascinated by the level of partnerships that GEAPP is building with the Nigerian government to promote clean energy in the country. Nigeria needs access to clean energy and energy access is central for us as a country, because it is at the centre of our development. If Nigerians do not have access to sufficient clean energy that is required for development, it will set us back as a country. Our emphasis at GEAPP is provide access to electricity that will drive economic growth and job creation, and help Nigerians and the rest of Africa to conquer poverty and diseases,” Osinbajo said.

Speaking about his plans to champion clean energy in Nigeria and the rest of African countries and the impact it will create on the people and businesses, Osinbajo said the objectives of achieving the goal remains clear but explained that he would device means on how to address the peculiar needs of different countries in Africa that GEAPP will be working with.

“Once governments see the economic benefits of the GEAPP’s initiative on transition to clean energy, I am sure they will buy into the initiative.

GEAPP’s collaborative model, sense of urgency, and focus on unlocking systemic change is well aligned with the ambitions of emerging economies as they seek a greener future for their citizens. GEAPP’s vision for change is ambitious and it is working on how to reduce the cost of the components of renewable energy like storage battery, sola panel among others and there is a programme around the cost reduction initiative, to enable more Nigerians have access to affordable, sufficient and reliable clean energy,” Osinbajo further said.

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