Nigerians Embrass Online Shopping – POLLS

Latest public opinion poll conducted by NOIPOLS has revealed that more Nigerians have embraced the use of E-commerce and Online Shopping in recent months.

The polls concluded early March showed that 53 percent of Nigerians are aware of E-Commerce and Online shopping platforms, and of this proportion, 25 percent, are actually shopping online or know someone that does.

Analysis of these findings suggested that the rise could be linked to the rising usage of the internet by Nigerians, as buttressed in a poll conducted in February this year.

The poll had revealed that 63 percent of Nigerians were on one form of social media platform or the other, and most do access the internet through either their mobile phones and other internet enabled devices.

An assessment of the online shopping experience of respondents revealed that most Nigerians (61 percent) who shop online are satisfied with their online retail shopping experience, although a considerable proportion of respondents in this category responded negatively.

This according to the analysis, was no surprise, given the fact that the satisfaction level of consumers is bound to differ due to the several online shopping platforms available in the country and the varying expectations of individual consumers from these platforms.

Despite the poll’s positive results in terms of awareness, usage and satisfaction rating of online shopping in Nigeria, an analyst advised online retailers to constantly work to improve service areas such as: delivery time; delivery charges; as well as their privacy policy – this would help assure customers of the security and confidentiality of their personal data.

Online shopping, though a recent phenomenon in most of part of Africa, particularly in Nigeria, began in 1979 by an English entrepreneur, Michael Aldridge, and it has gone on to be a most successful venture in the world as more and more people prefer shopping online.

NOIPOL wrote its report that, ”One of the reasons for the sustaining popularity of online shopping was the ease of convenience attached to it as validated by a poll report it conducted.

Online shopping in Nigeria began with Kaymu, previously a social messaging site expanded into an e-commerce site, before been over-taken by Jumia and Konga, both founded in 2012.”

According to the report, between 2,000 and 2,010, the number of Nigerian internet users rose from 200,000 to above 40 million and this must have increased in recent years.  It is estimated that about 70 online retailers now operate in Nigeria – selling everything from household items, electrical appliances, office gadgets, cars, health and beauty products, sports accessories and even fairly used items.

There are several reasons for the recent growth of online shops in Nigeria which includes; increasing rate of internet penetration in Nigeria, innovation of apps that enable mobile internet usage as well as the introduction of internet banking.

Although buying and selling still takes place at open air-markets in both urban and rural areas in Nigeria, people are increasingly patronizing online shops and platforms.

The Nigerian retail industry has grown significantly over the years, moving gradually from traditional to contemporary systems and the average Nigerian becoming more internet savvy has led to the growth spurt witnessed in the online retail industry in just its fourth year of operation.

Also, Nigeria is witnessing an increase in the number of online shopping sites due to the growing internet awareness and usage among Nigerians.

Before the advent of e-commerce, procuring goods via the Internet was a phenomenon that was uncommon in Nigeria, however, this has changed and Nigerians are beginning to embrace digital innovation and are increasingly using the Internet to purchase goods and services on diverse online retail shopping platforms

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