Nigeria Partner Canada On Coffee Exportation

The West African Specialty Coffee Association has announced the establishment of the Nigerian-Canadian Coffee Exchange Corridor, an initiative that aims to strengthen bilateral trade between Nigeria and Canada and promote the exportation of Nigerian coffee to the international market.

According to a statement, Nigerian-Canadian Coffee Exchange Corridor aims to facilitate coherent trade and foster long-term partnerships between Nigerian coffee producers and Canadian coffee importers, roasters, and retailers.

It stated that by leveraging that corridor, Canadian businesses would gain access to a diverse array of high-quality Nigerian coffee beans, contributing to the growth of the coffee market.

It added that the initiative would focus on promoting sustainable practices throughout the entire coffee value chain.

“WASCA, in collaboration with key stakeholders, is committed to ensuring that coffee cultivation in Nigeria adheres to stringent environmental and social standards.

“This commitment not only safeguards the delicate ecosystems but also empowers local communities, ensuring fair trade and sustainable livelihoods for coffee farmers,” the statement continued.

The President of WASCA, Larry Segun-Lean, said the Nigerian-Canadian Coffee Exchange Corridor marked an exciting chapter in the history of Nigerian coffee.

He said, “Through this partnership, we aim to share our rich coffee heritage with the world while fostering economic growth and collaboration between Nigeria and Canada. We are confident that the Nigerian-Canadian Coffee Exchange Corridor will be a catalyst for innovation, quality improvement, and sustainable development within the coffee industry.”

According to him, as part of the collaboration, WASCA plans to organise educational programmes, workshops, and trade events to facilitate knowledge exchange and foster a deeper understanding of Nigerian coffee within the Canadian market.

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