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Lagos State Sets 40% Food Production Self-Sufficiency By 2025

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By 2025, the state government intends to produce 40% of its own food, according to Dr. Rotimi Fashola, special adviser to the governor of Lagos State on agriculture.

Fashola noted the need to lessen its reliance on other states to meet its food demands and said the decision is appropriate given the ongoing security issues faced by farmers in the north.
He made this comment outside the Lagos division’s Year 2023 Budget Consultative Forum.

In his words: “The roadmap for the year for agriculture principally is that by 2025, 40 per cent of our consumption should be coming from the state. In other words, we have a reduction in our dependency on the northern part or other parts of the country, as food security in Lagos state is of paramount importance to us.”

However, he claimed that the state administration had covered over 70% of its budgetary activity and expressed confidence that it would accomplish close to 95% of its goal before the year ended.

He said that the majority of the state’s goals were nearing completion, especially those related to the Imota Rice Mill, which he predicted would start producing rice by the end of the year.

“The cost of a bag of rice is almost hitting N30000, but by time we rollout, we would be bringing down the price gradually. It is not going to be a drastic cut down, but a gradual cut down in the cost per bag,” he said.

Also speaking, the Special Adviser on Economic Planning and Budget, Mr. Adebayo Sodade, said that the state is continually providing employment in the agricultural sector working with the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) to create over 5000 jobs.

He also stated that the Imota Rice Mill would be completed before the end of the year and would create more than 4000 jobs directly and indirectly.


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