International Day Of Peace: Press Statement By Journalist For Christ International Outreach

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Thursday, the 21st day of September, 2023, when the United Nations celebrate the International Day of Peace, tagged: ”  “Actions for Peace: Our Ambition for the Global Goals”. 

To ensure the desired global goal, there has to be concerted efforts by all and sundry across the globe towards peace. In line with the year’s theme, all hands must be on deck to achieving the United Nations goals. As for all the member nations, there is need for the God-factor. Every citizen and country leadership has to go back to God in penitence and in subjection to God’s will.

As for corporate organisations, there has to be fair-play in employer-employees relationships. Employers are to adhere to the staff manual and staff hand-book. Fairness has to be the order of the day. Every deduction, be it taxes, pensions, etc from employees’ salary has to be remitted to relevant bodies accordingly.
Staff promotion and upgrading have to be carried out to meet the standard laid out in the staff operating manual. Every entitlement due all members of staff has to be budgeted for and remitted accordingly.

As for Nigerian youths, we should eschew corruption, social vices like; drug abuse, cultism, extortion, and other get-rich-quick practices.

As for media and allied professionals, we need to keep track of the opinions of political and community leaders’ and their aspirations. We, the media professionals are to make every public office holder accountable for promised/proposed political projects and programs.

As for corporate organisations, we need to to go back to God in penitence and in total submission to God’s will on all providence. The media organisations have to hold every corporate and industrial organisation responsible for management actions and inactions.

Political office holders must know that to achieve peace there must be fair-play, contentment, and public service as anecdotes of public service. Issues of inequality, nepotism, avarice, greed, corruption, get-rich-quick syndromes, drug addictions, and other socio-cultural vices are impediments to peace.

In conclusion, with peace, there will surely be protection, progress, power, prosperity, plenty, prowess, and promotions.

We all need to return to the Prince of Peace who is the custodian of peace unto the the world.


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