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Innocent Children Victims Of Aggression Say Stop The Attacks

Protecting Children 'The Leaders Of Tomorrow'

Innocent Children face a sad reality that when armed conflict breaks out, the most vulnerable people in society – mainly children – are the ones who suffer the most.

The six most common violations are recruiting and using children in combat, murdering, sexual violence, kidnapping, attacks on schools and hospitals, and denial of humanitarian access.

Every year on June 4th, the International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression commemorates the suffering of children worldwide who have been victims of physical, mental, and emotional abuse.

It also serves as a motivator for the international community to recommit to the objective of ending all forms of child violence.

Ways innocent children become victims of aggression

Violence against children is a multifaceted problem with causes at the individual, close relationship, community and societal levels. Below are some of the ways children become victims of aggression 


Child rape is maltreatment and a criminal offence. Rape against minors is a heinous crime, and criminals should be held accountable. Rape traumatises a child and leaves an open mental wound that takes longer to heal.

Child marriages

One of the most critical issues children in Nigeria’s northern area experience is child marriage. At a young age, underage females are forced into marriage and parenthood. This poses a medical risk to the girls.

Children trafficking

Child trafficking is taking children out of their protective environment and preying on their vulnerability for exploitation. Selling children or using them for slavery is not normal; it is very bad. Not look at a child as a money machine.

Children warriors/fighters

Children are forced to fight or join the warriors in various countries. Thousands of children are forced to become soldiers and wield weapons like guns worldwide.

Effect of war

The war in Ukraine has affected young children, even in hospitals. The effect of the war has left jarring marks on the mind of the children.

A depressed six years old child is crying

Maltreatment of children

Maltreatment (including violent punishment) involves physical, sexual and psychological/emotional violence; and neglect of infants, children and adolescents by parents, caregivers and other authority figures, most often in the home and settings such as schools and orphanages.

Child slavery

Selling a child into slavery affects the child’s emotional, mental, and physical health. Child slavery is the selling of a child for any purpose.

Gender mutilation

Mutilating the gender of a child is unnecessary; it is more common in the female gender.

Female genital mutilation (FGM) involves the partial or total removal of external female genitalia or other injuries to the female genital organs.


The number of children who are not in school keeps increasing. Records show that 10.5 million children are not in school in Nigeria, even with the availability of public primary schools, and the system is not the best.


Taking care of a child, feeding a child, sending a child or children to school, encouraging parents to send their children to school, ending gender mutilation, and encouraging children to be great are just a few of the solutions to the difficulties described above.

We should encourage children to raise their children, protect them, enforce child-protection laws, and create a safe refuge for them.

Some organisations safeguard children’s rights, empower children, and advocate for child-friendly legislation in Nigeria.

Advocating for children’s rights and taking efforts to secure their safety and protection can help you join the fight.

How to observe the International Day Of Innocent Children Victims Of Aggression

Make a secure environment for youngsters.

Because child abuse can be both physical and psychological, paying close attention and actively listening to a child speak without downplaying their feelings can aid in detecting abuse. It also establishes a trusting relationship with them and keeps a great relationship.

Use social media to raise awareness.

Spreading awareness online is another method to commemorate the International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression. List some data about the seriousness of violence against children to help others understand the event’s significance. While you’re about it, use the hashtag #InternationalDayofInnocentChildrenVictimsofAggression.


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