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Huawei Launches the Green 1-2-3 Solution

Huawei has urged current businesses in Nigeria to adopt “yottabyte” era data applications in an effort to expand new businesses and improve the income profiles of existing enterprises.

Chris Lu, Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Nigeria, said there has been an explosion of data over the years, which gives an opportunity for businesses to start processing and exploiting data to increase revenue. Chris Lu was speaking at an event in Lagos. According to Lu, certain organizations and sectors use data as a strategic and foundational resource to quickly expand their firms’ credibility and dependability, which is a crucial part of the data infrastructure.

According to him, data is quickly becoming a new type of currency and oil in the digital age, giving businesses a view into the wants and needs of customers like never before.

The truth is that most businesses are not well-positioned to store and safeguard their data from cyberattacks, let alone turn these data sets into insights to improve business choices.

The growing number of data applications as we move into the yottabyte age makes trustworthiness and reliability a crucial part of data infrastructure.

We currently support organizations all over the world with our 12 Research and Development (R&D) facilities, over 4000 R&D R&D engineers, and 3000 storage-related patents.

Dauda Oyeleye, Regional Coordinator, Southwest, Galaxy Backbone (GBB), stated in his speech that Huawei has made notable advancements in advancing ICT in Nigeria through a partnership with the Nigerian government and other industry participants.

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