Hantec Celebrates 33 Years Of Success And Global Expansion With Further Growth In Africa

Hantec Group, a trailblazing leader in the trading world, today proudly marks its 33rd anniversary as a key player in the financial industry. Operating across 19 cities under their family of three brands – Hantec Financial, Hantec Markets, and Gaitame Finest – the group stands as a beacon of innovation, expertise, and commitment to traders’ success.

The anniversary not only solidifies its global presence but also heralds a significant further expansion into the African market, affirming the group’s mission of keeping traders ahead in the dynamic trading landscape.

Three decades of trading expertise

For over three decades, Hantec has led the trading industry providing cutting-edge tools, resources, and insights that empower traders across all levels. Its commitment to excellence has forged trust with traders across the globe, spanning more than 61 countries.

“We celebrate this incredible milestone of over 30 years in the trading industry. Our success reflects hard work, dedication, and trust from our clients and partners who’ve supported us,” said Freddy Lau, Hantec Group CEO.

Hantec’s expansion into Africa marks a significant step in its global growth strategy. By setting foot in Africa in 2017, this move embraces the opportunity to empower African traders and assist IBs in capitalizing on the rapid rise of traders in the continent, recently setting up another office in Rwanda. Understanding Africa’s unique challenges and opportunities, Hantec offers tailored solutions that make a lasting impact.

Providing state-of-the-art trading platforms, resources, and expert analysis, Hantec remains dedicated to empowering traders. With a global presence across the world’s cities, it offers localized insights while maintaining a global perspective.

As Hantec celebrates its history and envisions growth and innovation, its commitment to keeping traders remains – always one step ahead in the world of trading. The expansion into Africa signifies not just a milestone but also a promise of excellence and empowerment across borders.

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