Hacks For Getting Free Flight Upgrade

Flight Upgrade

Very few people would turn down rare opportunity to upgrade their flight which is why they’re so hard to get. Nowadays, the majority of upgrades are done via an airline’s computer system, which will typically generate a list of who should be offered an upgrade based on certain yardsticks depending on the airline. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help increase the likelihood of you being offered an upgrade whether it’s to economy plus, business class, or even the much sought-after first class. Below are tips for you to get a free flight upgrade, shared by Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency,.

Join a frequent flyer program
You can earn your upgrade by enrolling in a frequent flyer programme. If you know you’ll be flying a lot, join a loyalty programme. Try to stick to one airline or group of affiliated airlines to collect the most points and in no time you’ll be able to grab some great deals which may include an upgrade.

Choose flight times wisely
Flying at peak times and on peak days mean flights full to the brim with businessmen and women, all of whom may belong to the airline’s frequent flyer club. Hence, choose off-peak times, days, and even routes, and your chance of an upgrade will be significantly higher.

Subscribe to email and text alerts
Once in a while, airlines will have special deals or sales going on that they want to let their customers be aware of. As such, subscribe to email, newsletters and text alerts for your favourite airline. You’ll be the first one to know when there are cannot-miss deals, which could potentially include very cheap flights around the world in business or even first class.

Be nice and dress nice
Always greet airline staff with enthusiasm and leave an impression because if they’re looking for a lucky person to get a free upgrade, they might choose you. Dressing nicely also helps because they want someone that is good looking to be in the premium cabin.

Travel solo
You’re more likely to get an upgrade if you’re flying solo. Families of four, or even couples are harder to seat, but if it’s just you, then they can fit you anywhere. This writes off their chances of getting an upgrade.

Ask for it and have a valid reason
There is nothing wrong with asking for it. Just make sure you have a valid and honest reason so the airline staff might consider it. You might say you’re on a honeymoon or you’re pregnant and you need a free upgrade. It wouldn’t hurt to ask.

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