Gebeya Unveils New Product: Talent Search Feature To Accelerate Hiring Freelance Professionals

Gebeya Inc., the Pan-African Marketplace for freelance professional talent, today announced a new innovation to accelerate a more stable, dynamic African tech talent infrastructure. After releasing a redesigned, fully-automated web-client application last June, Gebeya has introduced its new search feature to accommodate the continuous growth in requests from startups and SMEs across the continent and around the world.

The new search engine will optimize how clients find and connect to their talent. To help clients fill job vacancies and augment their teams with thousands of pre-vetted freelance talent from more than 30 African countries, the powerful search feature will enable instant access in a few clicks, plus the ability to filter for each talent’s:

  • location
  • rate
  • background
  • rating
  • and the ability to request to hire directly from their profile page

… all in an instant. “This is the gold-standard delivery of the promise of the Gebeya marketplace,” said Thierno Amar Niang, Chief Platform Officer. “Now truly, any business from around the world will have a single trusted gateway through which they can access their choice of pre-vetted professionals in an instant.” 

Features to address urgent business needs

In response to demand from some clients, Gebeya’s leadership and engineering teams quickly identified the new search engine as the tool to accelerate meeting the hiring needs of its valued clients—startups, SMEs, and multinationals in industries as diverse as fintech, logistics, and telecommunications. 

At every level, organizations must practice smart hiring, which impacts not only operations, and speed, but also revenue: the cost of a bad hire can be upwards of $200,000. Startups and SMEs have already trusted Gebeya to fill tech, design, management, and marketing roles leveraging its existing products:

  • G-Talent: Multilingual, multinational, pre-vetted talents matched according to project request specifications, including preferred skill sets, experience level, and budget. Talents available for short- or long-term assignments.
  • G-Made: A custom solution built by a team of trusted, vetted experts to execute a project based on specific milestones.
  • G-Staffing: Talent full-time engagement placement cuts recruitment time in half by selecting high-quality talent from our pool of pre-vetted professionals. 

“Our core products remain the foundation of our business; but the new search feature resonates with clients who want the liberty to search for talent with the ease they shop for products on Amazon,” said Amadou Daffe, CEO & Co-founder. “We’re confident that this will speak to the main pain points of hiring in Africa: cost, experience level, and retention.”

The Search difference: What pain point is Search solving?

This new feature brings more horsepower to the client web portal at With a single sign-on solution, business owners and decision-makers can sign up at no cost, and immediately access pre-screened, qualified, multilingual professionals throughout Africa. They can connect with available talents who suit their budget and experience level, thanks to a customizable interface that puts the client in control. No unsolicited calls or connections to screen; clients will only connect with talents they choose.

With Gebeya’s new Search product, the hiring process is as simple as: 1) Sign up, 2) Search, 3) Select. Gebeya’s search engine reduces the hiring timeline and improves responsiveness and project commencement. Its competitive onboarding practices give clients the piece of mind that they are only connected with the best freelancers who have: 

  • successfully passed extensive vetting practices—technical skills assessments and interviews with subject matter experts
  • the skills, location, and rate preferences indicated in their Search
  • the right mindset and integrity to execute to the highest standards

If a talent doesn’t work out for any reason, the company commits to providing a replacement talent.

Gebeya demonstrates the importance of acknowledging and meeting customer needs

Gebeya’s model reinforces the need for the digital platform in Africa. Startups like financial service Azenia, based in Kenya, Nigeria’s digital bookkeeping platform, Dukka, and Vouch Digital, Uganda’s solution for customer promotions programs all have joined the Gebeya Marketplace to acquire remote and on-site talents.

Freelancers and permanent placement job-seekers are turning to Gebeya for work in droves. Within the last six months, the marketplace has multiplied its talent pool. Skilled candidates ranging from junior to expert level, across various verticals, rely on the marketplace’s system to increase their visibility with clients, eliminating the need for bidding wars, often rampant on freelance platforms. 

Gebeya future implementations include fully deploying an incomparable technology platform that will encompass freelance and network partner search and matching within minutes. 

To maintain its position as the trusted source for African talent, Gebeya’s executive team continues to embrace feedback from companies and talent, to improve the overall marketplace experience. Even with the recent client search engine implementation and updates to the talent app and community, Gebeya persists to adapt to the evolving demands of its clients and talent.

The success of the revamped online Gebeya Marketplace proves businesses throughout the continent are re-evaluating staffing needs and entrusting the skills, creativity, and innovation of their own home-grown talent to get the job done.

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