FG Owes NNPC ₦2.8trn Used For Petrol Subsidy

FG Owes NNPC ₦2.8trn Used For Petrol Subsidy

Mele Kyari, Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Limited, claims the Federal Government (FG) still owes the company ₦2.8 trillion in petrol subsidies.

Kyari told journalists following a meeting with President Bola Tinubu in Abuja on Tuesday that the subsidy payment was no longer sustainable since it prevented the company from supporting its main businesses.

“Today, we are waiting for them to settle up to ₦2.8 trillion of NNPC’s cash flow from the subsidy regime, and we can’t continue to build this,” Kyari added.

According to the GCEO, “we have not received any payment from the federation since the provision of the ₦6 trillion in 2022, and ₦3.7 trillion in 2023.”

Kyari stated that the NNPC paid the petrol subsidy payments from its cash flow, citing the government’s inability to repay the N2.8 trillion spent thus far.

“That means they (the federal government) are unable to pay and we have continued to support this subsidy from the cash flow of the NNPC.

“That is, when we net off our fiscal obligations of taxes and royalties, there is still a balance that we are funding from our cash flow. And that has become very difficult and it is affecting our other operations,” he said.

“We are not able to keep some of the cash to invest in our core businesses. And the end result is that it can be a huge challenge for the company and we have highlighted this severally to the government that they must compensate and pay back NNPC for the money that we have spent on the subsidy.

“So, today the country does not have the money to pay for subsidy. There is an incremental value that will come from it. But it is not an issue of whether you can do it or not because today we cannot afford it and they are not able to pay our bill.

“That comes to how much the federation owes the NNPC now.

“Today, we are waiting for them to settle up to N2.8 trillion of NNPC’s cash flow from the subsidy regime and we cannot continue to build this.”


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