FG Initiates Electricity Offences Tribunal, Activates Over 2.6 Million Meters

The Federal Government announced plans on Thursday to establish a dedicated electricity offences tribunal with an integrated appeal system to swiftly address power-related offences. This move aims to expedite the prosecution and resolution of electricity-related violations.

In a significant development, the government also reported the successful testing and calibration of 2,655,488 meters for the power sector, with many of these meters already deployed for consumer use nationwide.

This update follows a report by The PUNCH on June 2, 2024, which highlighted that 609,585 electricity consumers were metered in 2023. However, there remains a substantial number of unmetered registered power users, totaling 7,319,846 out of the 13,162,572 registered consumers connected to the national grid. Currently, 5,842,726 consumers have been metered, according to data from the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission.

During a press briefing in Abuja, Aliyu Tahir, Managing Director of the Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA), elaborated on the agency’s progress. He stated that NEMSA has tested and calibrated over 2.6 million meters to ensure their functionality, durability, and safety.

“A total of 21,681 electricity installation projects have been inspected and tested, with 13,154 certified. Additionally, NEMSA has monitored 16,624 electricity networks, inspected and certified 4,921 factories, hazardous installations, and public places, and investigated 487 incidences,” Tahir detailed.

These figures are based on data compiled by NEMSA as of the first quarter of 2024. The Electricity Act 2023 has bolstered the agency’s enforcement powers and responsibilities, enabling more rigorous oversight and action.

Regarding the proposed electricity offences tribunal, Tahir explained that NEMSA is working diligently to establish this judicial body, which will have in-house counsel empowered to prosecute electricity-related offences. This initiative aims to address electricity theft and other violations more efficiently.

“We are engaging with the National Assembly to amend the Electricity Act to include provisions for this tribunal,” Tahir stated. “The tribunal will facilitate faster prosecution of offenders, enhancing our ability to enforce regulations and sanction violators.”

The establishment of this tribunal is expected to significantly improve the handling of electricity-related offences, ensuring quicker resolutions and stronger enforcement of compliance in the power sector.

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