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Fashion Clinic: Top 7 Colours To Combine With Purple

Pairing colours is not an easy decision. It can either make your outfit stand out beautifully or create a fashion disaster.

It is okay to feel a little sceptical or unsure when experimenting with colours and new tones, however, this does not stop you from taking a chance and excelling at it.

We will take you through a variety of colour-coordinated looks that will excite and enhance your style. You can also implement this into your interior decoration.

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colour scheme

7 colours to combine with purple

Purple and Blue

This combination creates an eclectic vibe and is one way to spice up even for decorations.

Purple and Mustard

Purple with mustard are the perfect blend – they make you look and feel like royalty.

Purple and mustard

Brown and purple

The brown and purple colour combination is a good look to try. Dark purple like plum looks great next to tan, coffee, or beige. For an outfit, the combo results in a more muted, professional look with just a hint of colour.

brown and purple

Purple and yellow

Do not be afraid to try this bold look, purple and yellow has a cool vibe and makes you look and feel refreshed.

Purple and grey

Grey suits and plum bridesmaid dresses look classy and elegant together for a wedding even for events, without being too safe or boring. Even for decorations, purple with grey emits a soft and sophisticated appeal.

Purple and Pink

Looks nice right. A nice touch of pink with purple makes the right ombre style. You can not go wrong with this combination with your outfits or decorations.

Purple and red

Sounds like a bold move right? When matched properly red and purple outfits and decorations make the best combination. Meghan Markle made took the bold move by pairing a red coat and purple dress and she beautifully rocked it.

Now it is time for you to be bold and try new colour combinations.


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