Edo Guber: Labour Party’s Dr Aghaze To Deputise Akpata

Dr. Osayande Aghaze, a renowned businessman, may soon throw his hat into the political ring of Edo, as he expressed his interest to accept his nomination as the Deputy of Olumide Akpata, who’s the flagbearer of Labour Party in the state’s forthcoming gubernatorial election.

Dr. Aghaze, who was recently awarded an honourary doctorate degree at Cornerstone University of Florida, United States (US), for his three decades of success in global business, stated that he’s considering accepting his nomination as Labour Party’s Deputy Governor for the Edo State 2024 election.

He made this disclosure while addressing journalists during a media parley in Benin City, Edo State Capital.

Noting that partisan politics would not propel Edo State forward, Dr. Aghaze hinted on a possible alliance with Dr. Bright Enabulele, who’s the flagbearer of Accord Party in the election.

His words: “Entering the political fray is a natural progression for me, as my life’s work has been about effecting positive change.

“Accepting the nomination as Labour Party’s Deputy Governor for the forthcoming Edo State election is an honor, and I embrace the opportunity to serve my community in a new capacity.

“My journey, punctuated by the recent recognition from Cornerstone University of Florida, has fortified my resolve to contribute meaningfully to the betterment of society.

“Over three decades of navigating the complexities of global business have equipped me with the skills and vision necessary to navigate the intricate landscape of governance. Yet, I recognise that true progress emanates from collaboration, not division. Thus, I am open to forging alliances, such as with Dr. Bright Enabulele of the Accord Party, in pursuit of advancing Edo State.”

Explaining his interest to be on the ballot for the forthcoming Edo gubernatorial election, Dr. Aghaze lamented the lack of infrastructures, and viable economic activities in the state.

According to Dr. Aghaze, Edo State needs the kind of leadership that will transform it with global equalising ideas and approaches.

Do you know what our GDP is in Edo State?” He queried the journalists, revealing that “it’s just ₦3.99 trillion.”

“Now compare that to Lagos State with a GDP of ₦41.17 trillion. We need to do better, and it saddens me that we are where we are despite the resources and youth population we are blessed with.

“It’s in this light that I’m partnering with my prospective principal to drive the diversification of our state’s economy, nurturing sectors like agriculture and fostering the growth of diverse industries. Together, we will prioritise the improvement of our infrastructures, laying the foundation for sustainable development and prosperity. Our shared vision is one of progress, innovation, and inclusive growth.

“Therefore, let us seize this opportunity to create a future where every citizen thrives, where opportunity knows no bounds, and where our state shines and prosper.”

Dr. Aghaze is a man with many hats. He is a Hollywood filmmaker, and founder of Nature Herbal Life, a world-renowned manufacturer of Bitter Leaf Capsules.

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