DigitalPayExpo Set To Hold Between 5th – 7th June 2018

Preparations are in top gear to host the annual DigitalPayExpo 2018. According to Intermarc the organizers of the African destination trade show for payment industry the 18th edition of the event will aggregate the energy of this era and capture the waves of technology and lifestyles; and present an encompassing worldview for the emerging approaches to payment and enterprise.

The theme for this year is Innovative Financial Services for the Vast Unserved Segments scheduled to hold from 5th – 7th June 2018 at the Convention Centre, Eko Hotel & Suites Victoria Island Lagos.

Despite remarkable efforts at ensuring innovative financial services reach the unbanked and underserved, multiplicity of regulations, long distances to service points and high costs of financial services continue to hinder financial inclusion, hence the need to bring this seemingly over-flogged issue to the front burner once again.

DigitalPayExpo 2018, in line with continuing its tradition of excellence, presents a boutique of avenues to harvest the opportunities being offered in informal sector of the unbanked markets.

Never in the history of the African Continent has technology and society had such a seamless relationship as we see today and this presents a curious need to explore digital financial services in tackling an age-long issues of inclusion.

Happening along with this bold inroad into the unserved segments are the collocated events happening simultaneously at DigitalPayExpo viz The Fintech StartUp Challenge which will give opportunity to millennials with micro payment solutions and ideas to pitch their solutions and stand a chance of being incubated at a national hub.

Others include the DataFiesta an initiative promoting global connectivity and access to the internet and the PayExpo Dinner and Awardsa ceremony to sum up the three day experience in celebrating meritorious achievements and contributions to the industry.


What’s the next market-ready idea we can’t wait to adopt for payment industry? We wait to know at DigitalPayExpo2018, as an audience of 5,000+ millennials lookout for the Next-Big-Thing in Fintech at the Fintech Start-up Challenge.

Start-up challenge is a competitive route to identifying, evaluating and supporting innovative ideas relevant to Enterprise, Governance and social development in Nigeria.

It is a call for start-ups and entrepreneurs to propose their innovative micro-payment solutions with the aim of transforming enterprise and services in Nigeria.


The Data Fiesta is another of the multipronged approaches needed to tackle the connectivity gap across Africa.

The technological skill gap beef-up across Africa can properly be premised on increased interest in technology generally.

We believe universal access to the internet can pique the interest for technology adoption and skill development in the African youths.

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