As We Step Into 2024: Did Your Resolutions Survive The Rollercoaster Of 2023?

As We Step Into 2024: Did Your Resolutions Survive The Rollercoaster Of 2023?

Hello, fellow dreamers and goal-setters! As we lace up our resolution boots and prepare to enter 2024, it’s time to look back on the wild ride that was 2023. You know, we vowed that year to be “the one” for achieving all of our goals and dreams.

roller coaster
roller coaster

But, before you start blaming yourself for that unused gym membership or that unread self-help book, let’s take a moment to appreciate the ride. Isn’t it true that life is full of unexpected twists and turns?

Now, we can’t discuss 2023 without addressing the elephant in the room: Nigeria’s economy, which is in limbo, with the naira attempting to breakdance on a tightrope.

Because of the shortage of naira and dollar notes, we were all performing financial gymnastics, trying to stretch that budget like it was a piece of chewing gum. But don’t worry, brave individuals! Resolutions, like plants, require some sunlight, water, and time. It’s acceptable if your financial ambitions suffered a setback! In this economic jungle, you are not alone.

financial muscle

And while we’re on the subject of trips, consider the great migration – the Japa syndrome. We watched young Nigerians extend their wings and fly in search of new chances/greener pastures.

Life is an adventure, and sometimes you have to shift your surroundings to find the proper setting for your dreams. And if you did not relocate, you are not alone, there’s something in store for you. Before you pack your bags in a hurry, ask yourself why you are going, what you intend to do when you get there and if you have enough funds.

Don’t just go with the japa wave, plan it well, do a thorough research and think about the future. Don’t just japa, japa well!!!

Let’s get real for a second. Have you completed all of your 2023 resolutions? No? Guess what? You are in the majority! Life is unpredictable, and setbacks are merely detours on the road to achievement. Don’t be concerned if your list of successes is shorter than you expected. There’s no reason to close the book on 2023 with a scowl.

As we say goodbye to this whirlwind of a year, keep in mind that resolutions are about progress, not perfection. It’s all about taking one step at a time, even if it’s an unsteady shuffle.

So, dear goal-setters, as we enter 2024, let us leave the pressure, self-doubt, and shame behind.

Accept the lessons, rejoice in the successes (large and small), and prepare for another year of twists, turns, and unexpected loop-de-loops. Here’s to a terrific 2024, full of grit, fun, and a few absolutely imperfect resolutions. You can do it!


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