Appreciation, A Booster Of Productivity At The Work Place

Relationships can be wonderful and fulfilling but require efforts and attention to remain healthy and strong. One of the most essential elements in any successful relationship is appreciation. When people feel appreciated, they tend to feel valued and loved.

However, the lack of appreciation can cause considerable damage to a relationship, ultimately leading to a breakdown. When people do not feel appreciated, they feel unimportant, neglected, and unloved. This lack of acknowledgement and gratitude can create resentment, frustration, and disappointment, leading to problems that may eventually lead to the breakdown of the relationship. Likewise in business, when employees are not well appreciated, it can lead to lack of interest and loss of focus that result to delay in task and productivity. The output of the employees most times in such situations is minimal.

Employees respond to appreciation expressed through recognition of their good work because it confirms that their work is valued. When employees and their work are valued, their satisfaction and productivity rise, and they are motivated to maintain or improve their good work. Some may value verbal praise, while others may respond better to tangible rewards. To motivate employees to recognize and appreciate each other, you should provide them with various options and tools to do so, such as peer-to-peer recognition programs, online platforms, gift cards, or recognition events. When you express gratitude and appreciation towards workers, they tend to show positive interpersonal relationships, and mostly it positively impacts team dynamics and communication.

 Appreciation is a drive-force that keeps relationships going. Employees want to feel connected to their colleagues and managers, to feel their work has meaning and impact on the company, and to be appreciated for the work they do. Organizations can appreciate their employees through incentives and rewards that boost their psychological needs and job security, conducive environment, mentorship training, skills and career development training, creative rewards that are career-based, annual leave and holidays, employee’s hangout and dinner or any form of social gatherings that will help enhance relationship among employees and help staffs to create memorable moments.

Employee appreciation enhances engagement, productivity, and retention, which are critical for any organization’s success. Genuine appreciation can be shown through creative rewards tailored to everyone’s interests, ensuring each employee feels valued. Encouraging further education and mentoring can show employees that the organization is interested in their career growth. Small, thoughtful gestures, like saying ‘thank you’ or helping with commutes, can make a big difference in employee satisfaction.

Employee appreciation should be an integral part of the company culture as it will help to increase the output and productively of employees and aid employee relationship that will create a conducive workplace environment.

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