Apple to Launch New iPhone Models in September

Apple will release the new iPhone, and plenty more, at an event next month.

The company has finally unveiled the time and location of its next launch: 12 September, at its headquarters in California.

Then, Apple is almost certain to show off the new iPhones – not one, but three, all of them borrowing the design of the iPhone X but packing in new features and sizes. For now it is still difficult to know what those new models will be called.

The phone will probably be released to the public around a week after it is revealed at the event.

The handset is also rumoured to be joined by a whole range of new products. They might include new iPads, refreshed computers, and updated versions of accessories like the AirPods.

 Though Apple’s event invites are often combed over for clues about the products, this one offered very little by way of clues. Those clues are often wrong anyway, since Apple’s design team for the events are not thought to necessarily have seen the new devices.
The Steve Jobs Theater was specially designed for Apple’s keynote launch events, and played host to last year’s Apple event too.

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