7 Car Clean Hacks Every Car Owner Needs

You may be familiar with how to clean your car. You may not have read your car’s manual, but you know how to operate the wipers, AC, radio, and hazard lights, You should also be able to change your vehicle’s tires.

But you don’t seem to understand that all you need are these straightforward but game-changing car hacks, which we’re positive you won’t find in any car manual.

You can be sure that this advice will simplify your life; we have you covered for all types of annoyances, from minor to major. Check to see if you’ve done anything on this list before.

1.Using Hot Water and a Plunger to Remove a Dent

Has the side of your car developed a bothersome dent? Not to worry! You’re covered by us! Despite what you may believe, dents are fairly common and simple to fix. Simply boil some water in a teapot or other container, pour it over the dent, and then take the plunger and pull. If the body of the car isn’t severely damaged, the dent should simply pop out; it might not look as perfect as it did before, but at least it would make it less noticeable.

2.To Get Rid of Bad Odors, Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is a simple but effective way to make your car smell fresh and clean. Allow the mat and the seats to sit for a few hours after liberally applying baking soda to them. Start vacuuming your car to get rid of any remaining baking soda and unpleasant odors.

3.Keep Your Car Clean

It is difficult to keep your car clean every time you drive. On the floor of the car, under the seat, and occasionally even in the cracks of the seats, you can find candy wrappers, food crumbs, trash, dirt, pet hair, and other things. What more effective way to handle this than with a sturdy car trash can? To make disposal simple, grab any plastic container and add a small trash bag or a grocery bag. With the help of any adhesive, place this container upright on the carpet of your car.

4.Make Sure Your Car Is Hand Dried

After a thorough wash, leaving your car to dry naturally results in water spots and eyesores stains. To prevent this, dry your car off after each wash using a rough towel or piece of cloth.

5.Use This Hack to Polish Your Car Interiors

There are several expensive but ineffective car cleaners available. Car interior cleaning can be very expensive, especially if your seats are leather. The pricey leather cleaners leave your car smelling strange and have a strong scent. However, you can polish the interior of your car with some olive oil, leaving it shiny, odor-free, and perfectly clean.

6.Getting Rid Of Rust With Soda

Use soda to safely remove any rust buildup you may find on your car. A potent chemical found in soda breaks down rust when it comes into contact. After applying some soda to the area, wait a while before wiping it off. If you regularly practice, your vehicle will be nearly new.

7.Hack for Crayon Stain

For those who have children, we believe that your car seat is about as good as a blank canvas with crayon marks. However, there is no need to worry because you can remove such stains by using some wax paper and a hot iron. After placing the wax paper over the crayon stains, quickly iron the surface. Due to the heat, the crayon stain will automatically move to the wax paper.

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