Customers Panic As Sterling Bank Worker Flees With N300m

Customers Panic As Sterling Bank Worker Flees With N300m

Sterling Bank is currently making news headlines, as one of its workers flees with N300 million belonging to customers.

The financial insitution’s staff member identified as Favour Fame-Eruagbere, was said to have approached some Sterling Bank customers to preach a business to them.

Promising them huge returns on their investments with her business idea, Fame-Eruagbere asked the victimised customers to grant her access to use their money.

However, while the business was believed to have been going on with the affected customers having their hopes high, one of them learnt that Fame-Eruagbere had stopped coming to the office.

Curious about her whereabout, the customer embarked on a journey to Fame-Eruagbere’s residence. On her arrival, she discovered that the Sterling Bank staff had absconded.

Efforts to reach her via her mobile phones proved abortive, as her lines were not going through.

“The whole thing backfired when many people she gave money to, refused to pay back. I think the lady didn’t run away with the money, but she is only being owed by those she gave the money to.

“She is nowhere to be found, nobody knows her whereabouts, whether she has travelled out, dead or still alive.

“In fact, the office is in crisis, as many people might be sanctioned because of the issue, especially the operators who carried out the transactions for her,” a source was quoted as saying.

Sterling Bank customers in jittery

Some customers of the financial instutions, who spoke to BizWatch Nigeria, expressed their concerns, relating to trusting Sterling Bank.

“You can’t hear stories like a bank worker defrauding customers of the financial institution he represents, and not question the trust you have for the one you are banking with. I won’t lie, I’m worried if I can even trust my account officer in Sterling Bank,” a customer who doesn’t want to be mentioned in this report stated.

Another customer who also spoke on a condition of anonymity, questions the recruiment process of the bank.

“If a bank as big as Sterling can have crooks representing them, I wonder why I should bank with them in the first place,” he stated.

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