Your Old Cosmetics Can Harm Your Skin

It is common knowledge that no girl wants to discard her beauty product until she has used it to the last drop, just to get the value for her money.
However, it is important to know that every beauty product comes with an expiry date and it is important to discard them once they have expired because the preservatives can stop working giving you risk of infections. Some actives can also become stronger and can cause skin irritation; others degenerate, putting the skin at risk of rashes and other skin problems.
Using old or expired products can also result to serious skin problems such as allergic rashes, irritations, boil and infection.
Eye-related products such as mascara, eye liner and kajal should be carefully maintained and disposed earlier because of the possibility of contracting eye infections.
Here is a list of commonly used cosmetics and their approximate expiry dates:
·     Liquid foundation and loose powder – 2 years
·     Mascara – 1 year
·     Eyeliner (liquid) and eye shadow (cream and powder), pencil eyeliners – 1 year
·     Lipstick, lip glosses and lip liner – 2 years
·     Nail paints – 2-3 years
·     Hair products – 2 years
·     Sunscreen – 2 years
·     Fragrances – 2 years
·    Face creams and body lotions – 2-3 years


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