World’s Largest TV As Big As A Goal Post, Costs £1Million

British television manufacturer Titan has launched what it claims is the world’s largest commercial  television at four times the size of the current biggest, making it the size of a football goal post. The Zeus TV set comes with a whopping screen size of 370 inches and a price tag of £1 million.

The Zeus is designed for indoor usage but is also optimised for outdoor watching, since it is viewable in direct sunlight.

Weighing in at a tonne, the TV set is capable of displaying 65 million colours, and includes support for 4K content. Titan also creates 1000-inch “mid-range” screens for £150,000. The cost of the £1 million screen includes installation and delivery in a custom built Hummer.

The firm is thought to have unveiled the Zeus to coincide with the World Cup, gearing the device towards pubs and other public service businesses.



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