Workers Callout Buildwell Plants As They Accuse Firm Of Negligence

Workers Callout Buildwell Plants As They Accuse Firm Of Negligence

The management of Buildwell Plants and Equipment Industries Limited has become a subject of discussion among workers, as they accused it of negligence.

One of the aggrieved workers, Adams Kolawole, stated that since he lost one of his fingers while loading a faulty crane, Buildwell Plants has neglected him, leaving him to his fate.

Kolawole recalled that the incident happened on Wednesday, February 16, 2022, saying his life has not remained the same since that time.

His words: “I was told to go and load a faulty crane. It was not part of my work, but I could not refuse.

“While we were working, my finger was trapped with the machinery we were loading. After that, the company gave me first aid. Later, they took me to the hospital.

“Since that time, I have been bearing the pain and the company has not paid me any compensation for losing my finger in the process of their production.

“I have been using traditional methods to ensure that the wound is not infected.

“I would have left Buildwell, but I have nowhere else to go. What they have just been doing is paying my salary, which is nothing compared to the cost of my treatment.”

Corroborating Kolawole’s claim, the Safety Officer of the company, Niyi Ayo lamented that the owners of Buildwell Plants were not responding to his complaints, adding that his report on the incident was not treated.

What this means for Buildwell…

For a company’s performance to be excellent and sustainable, the staff’s welfare is expected to be of utmost priority, such that workers are happy and motivated to contribute to any designed goal.

This should be what Buildwell should aim for, but sadly, from Kolawole and Ayo’s statement on staff welfare, the reverse is the case.

With the company’s story on BizWatch Nigeria, there’s a higher chance that its investors and confidence will start losing confidence in it, such that they will prefer its competitors.

About Buildwell

Buildwell Plants and Equipment Industries Limited was incorporated in Nigeria in 1977.

The company is reputable for both inter and intra-city transportation of goods, materials, and machines over the past 40 years. Buildwell is particularly specialised in the haulage of oversized loads due to the availability of various types of plants and equipment.


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