Why Social Media?

Social media creates a platform where you share ideas, views and thoughts. That is why your home page on Facebook has a section where you can share your thoughts and views. There it’s boldly written “What’s on your mind.” The same thing with Twitter, where you have, “What’s happening?”  Your ideas, views and thoughts are the things social media wants you to share with your contacts.

When Facebook was inaugurated, I was so used to Yahoo that I found it difficult to sign up on Facebook. It was new to me and I didn’t want to go through the stress I went through while opening my Yahoo mail account. I later reluctantly signed up and, as usual, I didn’t find it easy at first. It was a gradual process and till this day, I can’t do without opening my Facebook account daily.

The same applies to my Twitter, LinkedIn and Google accounts.  It’s all about signing up. After that, you will figure it out. The more you use these social platforms the better you become at it.

The world has been smaller with the advent of these social media platforms. They encourage interactions among people in which they create, share, exchange contents among themselves in virtual communities and networks. They introduce substantial changes to communication among organisations, communities and individuals.

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