‘Why Nigerian Students Excel Abroad’

David Oni is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Dave Abion Consulting, an educational consulting firm for those intending to further their studies overseas, especially in the United Kingdom (UK).

A graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Greenwich University, London, his experience at the institution convinced him to regard the UK as the ‘perfect study destination’; and influenced the establishment of the firm, upon his retirement from British Petroleum (BP).

Oni said Nigerians studying abroad excel because lots of educational facilities are provided, which is missing at home.

“What I would say is that most Nigerian students excel when they travel abroad more than they would have excelled here. So when you add their capability to the opportunities open to them when they are in the UK like world-class libraries, good lecturers, good facilities and excellent environment they excel. I won’t compare them to UK students but most of them do excel beyond the expectation of many people,” he said.

Oni, former Chairman of Odua’ Investment, said acquiring education in world class institutions abroad has become a fad, especially among Nigerians as it makes them more marketable to employers anywhere in the world. Aside, he said foreign institutions enjoy good facilities and uninterrupted academic calendar that endear them to many who can afford their tuition.

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