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Touts Take Over Rail Ticketing

Increased patronage of rail services by Nigerians coupled with limited and poor service delivery by railway attendants and the Nigerian Railway Corporation, NRC officials, have led to touting at the Iddo railway terminus.

Following the take-off of the sixth trip of the Lagos to Kano train, a huge crowd was recorded at the terminus, giving opportunity for touts to do brisk business

As a result of the huge crowd, the ticket queue stretched past the ticketing office and those who could not wait or struggle in the line had to patronise the touts, paying additional N50 or N100 on the original cost to get a ticket for the ride.

Investigations revealed that the Lagos to Kano ticket that cost N1, 950 became N2, 000 in the hands of the touts who had smooth access to the ticketing office. The touts did not have to get into the ticket line. When confronted, an official of the station who preferred anonymity admitted that there were touts before but that they had been dealt with and no longer operate.

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