These are the World’s 10 Best Universities for 2015

An Ivy League education will always remain an unquantifiable investment for most elites and nothing excites members of this circle more than the mention of a prestigious institution as their Alma Mater.

As a matter of fact, many Ivy League graduates wear their educational background as a badge and they really can’t be faulted for it considering the pocket-draining fees they doled out to acquire a degree from such schools.

Aside from the very visible perks of an Ivy League education to graduates, these elite schools are said to also invest more financially in their students than second-tier schools. In fact, ‘non-Ivy League’ graduates also find it very honorable to be affiliated with such schools, especially those topping the list of the Ivy League pack.

Following the popularity and the respected names of these prestigious universities, they are ranked every year by different agencies based on their offerings, which include standard of education, high level of employability, influence and networking benefits.

Just recently, the Center for World University Rankings, CWUR released a fresh list of highly ranked universities for 2015. Here are the Ivy League big players that made it as top 10 this year.


Harvard University


For years, this Ivy League University has clinched the top spot on the list of the world’s most prestigious varsities. Located in Massachusetts, United States, the University is popular for its educational history and its coveted influence on people associated with the school.


Stanford University

Located in Stanford, California, the private research institution ranks one of the very best in the United States alongside retaining its place on the list of one of the world’s prestigious universities.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Also running as a private research varsity, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, scoops the third spot on the 2015 Center for World University Rankings. Located in Massachusetts, U.S.A, the institution is very popular for its Applied Sciences and Engineering courses.


University of Cambridge

As one of the world’s oldest Ivy League University, University of Cambridge has for decades after decades retained its prestige, name and popularity. This collegiate public research Varsity is located in England, United Kingdom.


University of Oxford

Located in United Kingdom, Oxford University is the oldest English educational institution with no exact founding date, asides the fact that evidence of learning on its platform can be traced to as far back as 1096. The Collegiate Research University, which sits in Oxford, England, has for decades long gone remained in the world’s Ivy League pack.


Columbia University

Very popular in the U.S, Columbia University is a private Ivy League research university located in Morningside Heights, in Upper Manhattan, New York City, United States. It has also for several years remained in the class of the world’s prestigious institutions.


University of California

The very prestigious University of California is a public research institution located in Los Angeles, California, United States. The varsity sits comfortably on the seventh position of the 2015 Center for World University Rankings.


University of Chicago

This varsity remains one of United States elitist institutions and one of the world’s most prestigious schools. Located in Chicago, Illinois, the University of Chicago is a private research institution that has consistently found its way on to a bunch of university rankings.


Princeton University

The name ‘Princeton’ always pops up when American prestigious varsities are listed. It is located in New Jersey, United States and is one of the world’s most revered Ivy League institutions.


Cornell University

Cornell University is a Federal land-grant research varsity. The private Ivy League school is located in Ithaca, New York and it scooped the 10th place of the 2015 Center for World University Rankings.


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