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The Place Restaurant Trends As Lady Dies From Food Poisoning

The Place Restaurant Trends As Lady Dies From Food Poisoning

The Place Restaurant is presently trending on social media in Nigeria, as a Twitter user alleged that her friend died from food poisoning after eating goat meat at one of the food outlet branches.

A lady by @zeroregard, in the late hours of March 2022, had posted a picture, insinuating that she was hospitalised after eating goat meat at The Place Restaurant.

Quoting the tweet on Monday, May 2, another Twitter user @gyosmenn hinted that @zeroregard had died.

According to her, the food poisoning gave her a lung infection. Consequently, she passed away.

Although, the tweets are now-deleted, a development that has stirred mixed reactions among Twitter users.

While many people have expressed an opinion that the alleged death is a case of clout-chasing, others confirmed that customers of The Place Restaurant often experience food poisoning.

Reactions trail death of customer of The Place Restaurant who allegedly died from food poisoning

@SheunAdeola wrote: “Clout chasing happened but doesn’t change the fact that food poisoning from Asun is very common from The Place. That’s an issue the establishment should look into.”

@yettyclassy wrote: “Omo that’s why I’m careful of where I eat. I’m even terrified because The Place is so popular. Omo.”

@Olaoluwa_fm wrote: “The place wetin dey happen, if the story I’m hearing is actually true then no dey chop anyhow outside again but if na clout chasing haaaa, you wan spoil person brand, blood and sweat because of clout. That’s so bad.”

@Wizarab10 wrote: “Can you draw a direct connection from the food eaten at The Place to the food poisoning? I’m only asking because it would be difficult to prove food poisoning if many people ate it and only one person suffered from poisoning. That opens up other possibilities.”

Should The Place Restaurant be worried?

Food safety is what most fast-food lovers look out for before patronising any outlet. With the food poisoning allegation that has now consequently led to the death of a customer, The Place appears to have a lot to deal with in restoring its confidence in people.

With the reactions that trailed the alleged incident, many people are now skeptical if patronising The Place Restaurant is safe. Although, the company is yet to respond to the allegation.


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