Telecom Masts Are Not Dangerous To Health, NCC Says

The Nigerian Communications Commission,  NCC , has debunked claims that masts and towers are harmful and could cause serious health problems.

Speaking at a town hall meeting in Kaduna on Tuesday, August 18, Deputy Director, Consumer Affairs of NCC, Femi Atoyebi, said it important to disabuse peoples’ minds on the negative insinuations about telecom masts and towers, insisting that they are not harmful.

“The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) wishes to educate and enlighten the general public on the functionality of the telecom mast and towers and to also disabuse the minds of people that they have negative effect on human health. This is not true. Even the World Health Organization has given its position on the issue of masts and towers and their clear verdict as at today is that they are not harmful to human health.

The consumer affairs bureau of the NCC has been inundated with questions regarding telecom masts and towers and their impact on health. That is why we are taking this bold step in going out to educate the general public and give them relevant information. The NCC is a responsible organization and it will not preside over an industry that will cause harm to the general public,” he said.

He added that masts are part of telecommunication infrastructure and should be protected by everybody, irrespective of the service provider you subscribe to.

The deputy director however warned that a parameter of ten meters should be maintained between any telecom mast/tower or base station and the nearest habitable building or area so that the people will not be affected by smoke, noise and vibration from the generating set.
He urged the people to report cases of vandalism of telecom infrastructure to security agencies and relevant authorities because the telecom infrastructure is key to national development and should be protected by all and sundry.


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