Tackling Internet Addiction

Just as the Internet makes the different facets of our lives easy and convenient, it has great inherent risks. The Internet and its allied networking sites can be very addictive and tackling it may be somewhat hard because Internet use itself has over the years become an integral part of many people’s everyday living.

You start out looking for something or reading a post, and the next thing you know you have clicked two more links away from where you started. A spouse who prefers to venture into the cyberspace and gives preference to the Internet over his or her partner is gradually giving room for marital problems which can result in divorce. A person who has become used to online gambling overtime and sits back at his computer screen round the clock everyday will no sooner than later find himself bankrupt.

Researchers say Internet overuse make people live  sedentary lifestyles causing them health challenges such as dry eyes, excessive fatigue, withdrawal from friends, declining interest in hobbies, a decline in personal hygiene and back aches.

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