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Smartphones To Go For

Smartphones are important tools for having a rich social media experience. But often, one gets hit with a big dilemma on which phone to get. Do you go for functionality over ease-of-use, or price points over features?

With the mobile phone penetration increasing on a daily basis with a mass migration from the “dumb and feature phone” arena into the smart space, one rite of passage is to actually get social while using these tech gadgets.

To play in this space,   one has to come to terms with features and apps that most likely change the way people socialise. A typical smart phone comes with a camera, music player, and social networking apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Eskimi launcher, and access to other free apps like 2Go, Whatsapp, MxiT, Instagram, etc.

So, social media is really not abstract, or maybe it is, but it is best seen as an intersection between the art of being social and technology. You’d best appreciate this if you search #AFCON on Twitter, or read through YouTube comments on Psy’s Gangnam Style video.

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