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Shippers Complain About High Import Tariffs At Onne Port

The Anambra State Shippers’ Association has said that the high import tariffs and incessant checks by Customs were the causes of neglect of Onne Port by importers from South-East and South-South. According to Emma Akpaka, the President of the association, importers from the South-East preferred Lagos port because of the tariffs on goods at Onne Port.

“What you use in clearing a container in Lagos Ports is far less than what you use in clearing same in Onne Port in Rivers. For instance, if you use N600, 000 to clear a container in Lagos ports; you are likely to spend over one million to clear the same container in Onne Port. All these things and more had made our people to prefer Lagos ports as if we do not know that Onne Port should primarily serve the South-East, especially traders in Aba and Onitsha,’’ he said.

Akpaka urged the Federal Government to resuscitate the Area 1 Port in Port Harcourt to decongest Onne Port in future. SOURCE


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