US Rights Group Charges UN To Refund $30m to FG Over Bombed Building

Washington Working Group on Nigeria (WON), a United States-based rights organisation, has requested that the United Nations refund the $30 million given it by the Nigerian government for reconstruction of its building bombed by members of the Boko Haram sect.

The organization stressed that the money demanded from the Nigerian government was to the nation and the people who have for long been burdened with the aftermath of different onslaughts by the secst.

A member of the group, Emmanuel Ogebe said: “We are asking that the UN should refund the N4billion because we believe that an international organisation of that class should have the resources to fix the building.

The fact of the matter is that Nigeria should not foot the bill of an international organisation funded by all countries of the world and then, poor people who have nothing will loose their houses, churches and the Nigerian government will not provide for them.

“It is only obligatory that Nigeria pays its dues, and we have even gone far to provide peace keeping troops. We have paid our dues even with the lives of some officers, and now we have an atrocity like this, instead of the UN to take care of the building and allow us have resources to take care of ourselves,” he stated.



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