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Premier League Champions, Chelsea, Get Record Prize Money

Chelsea’s Premier League title success earned them £99million in total prize money according to official figures – the most ever earned by a single club in one season from central funds.

The exact sum was £98,999,554, with £24.9m ‘merit’ cash for finishing top of the table, £19.98m ‘facility fees’ for being in so many live TV games, plus equal shares of the domestic TV deal (nearly £22m), overseas TV deals (£27.8m) and commercial income from the leagues sponsors, such as Barclays (£4.4m).

Manchester City finished second in the table and are also second in the cash league with £98.5m, but Manchester United are the next highest earners (£96.8m) despite finishing fourth because they were live on TV more than third-placed Arsenal, who are fourth in the money table with £96.5m.

The 20 clubs involved in the 2014-15 season will split £1.6 billion in league cash for the campaign, from Chelsea at the top down to the lowest earners, QPR, who take £64.9m for finishing rock bottom. This is the biggest sum ever earned by a bottom-placed club.

The amounts paid to each club are detailed in the accompanying table.

The merit money is split depending on finishing position, with QPR getting £1,244,898 finishing in 20th place, and the clubs above getting that sum multiplied by the number of places they finished above QPR, up to Chelsea’s merit money of £24,897,960 for first place.


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