Oduah: Aviation Sector Was In Rot Before I Assumed Office

Ms Stella Oduah, the Minister of Aviation, said on Tuesday that the aviation sector was in shambles before her assumption of office in July 2011. The Minister stated this in Abuja before the Senate Committee on Aviation to explain the circumstances surrounding the Associated Airlines crash on Oct. 3.

According to the Minister, prior to her assumption of office, the aviation sector was deep in decay as all airports were lacked unserviceable safety and security facilities.

According to Oduah,“I met decayed infrastructure such as air conditioning, toilets, trolleys, elevators, directional signage and power generators at all airport terminals.

“There were several abandoned control towers all over the nation. We had 154 abandoned control projects all over and several runways without runway lighting. There were massive leakages of agencies’ revenues due to manipulation of manual revenue collection process.

“The industry was in retrogression, lagging behind other parts of the world. Economically, it was a net liability to government and thus a very poor image for the country,” she said.




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