Nollywood Builds Film Village to Mark 20th Anniversary

A new phase of Nollywood is underway as the film industry has concluded plans to build a Nollywood village to mark its 20th anniversary.

Zika Okafor, President, Association of Movie Producers, stated that the gesture will help in transforming and better repositioning of the industry.

“We want to set up the Nollywood house, build a magnificent edifice with the inscription `Nollywood’ on it as they have in other climes.

“So that when anybody comes to Nigeria, there is a place they can go and say this is Nollywood village and can get what they want in one place. We have been operating from our homes, so we should have a base where we can be located,’’ Okafor said.

According to him, we want a place that can contain television actors, different guild associations, creative designers and so many others in the same environment.

The president said the place, where the village would be sited, would be announced during the anniversary.


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