NCAA Interferes into Aero Labour Crisis

The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has interfered in the crisis between Aero Contractors and its workers which led to the sack of about 600 staff and the suspension of operations by the airline for over one week and lost over N800 million.

NCAA is seeking amicable resolution to the crisis that would lead to some of the workers going back to their jobs and the airline having unhindered operations. The leadership of the aviation workers unions commended the Ag. Director General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority Dr. Joyce Nkemakolam, for his prompt response to their clarion call for NCAA intervention on the impasse between Aero Contractors and the unions over the summary dismissal of their staff without recourse to due process.

The Ag. Director General had in response to the union’s letter for intervention convened a meeting with the leadership of the unions at the conference room of the Authority’s headquarters Annex on Wednesday with a view to finding a lasting solution to the matter.

In his opening remark, Dr. Nkemakolam told the union leaders that he conveyed the meeting to specifically thank the unions for the manner in which they have comported themselves in regards to the industrial dispute, applauding them for employing every legal means to resolve the matter.

Nkemakolam also thanked them for considering NCAA as an arbitrator in the matter and asked them to table their grievances and possible way forward for resolving them. The Leadership of the Unions lamented over the illegal dismissal of their work force for no reason and without recourse to due process and this they consider against industrial law of engagement of services of any Nigerian worker.

He assured the union leaders that NCAA would not allow any body or group of people or corporate organization to jeopardize the safety record of the Authority and hence he has summoned the meeting for them to fashion out best means possible to resolve the dispute.

He promised them that their grievances would be passed on to Aero Contractors as a meeting has been scheduled for March 21 2013 to trash the issues with them and that NCAA will get back to them. He charged them to continue with the maturity which they have exhibited in the course of the industrial dispute and to ensure that no anti–safety action is taking until all matters are resolved.


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