NAMA Introduces New Scheme To Cut Down Flight Hours

In a bid to help airlines cut down on fuel usage, flight hours and emission, the Nigeria Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) has established new air route.

Managing Director of the agency, Ibrahim Abdulsalam, who disclosed this to newsmen in Lagos, said that the new system, which is now in operation allows aircraft for instance, to make a trip for less than 50 minutes for a journey that usually takes over 60 minutes.

The NAMA boss stated that the new air routes established were those comprising Lagos- Abuja; Port-Harcourt-Abuja and Lagos-Enugu. He added that they have two Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) routes in addition to the one already established.

PBN is a term used to describe the broad range of technologies that are moving aviation away from a ground-based navigation system toward a system that relies more on the performance and capabilities of equipment on board the aircraft.

Nigeria is amongst the few nations in Africa to introduce PBN as the government agreed in 2011 to the development the system. Abdulsalam said that the government has helped the agency to settle the debts incurred by the agency for the total radar coverage of Nigeria (TRACON) support service.

The system -PBN – involves a major shift from conventional ground-based navigation aids and procedures to satellite-based navigation aids and area navigation procedures, which are more accurate and allow for shorter, more direct routes between two given points as well as more efficient takeoffs and landings. This reduces fuel burn, airport and airspace congestion and aircraft emissions.

In 2007, a General Assembly resolution was passed bythe International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) that calls on states to complete the implementation plan for PBN by 2009. New Zealand is proactively implementing PBN at most of its international airports and already has some of the most efficient air navigation procedures in the world.

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