Microsoft And Samsung End Android Royalty Dispute

Tech giants Microsoft and Samsung have ended their six months legal battle over Android royalty payment.

Microsoft had instituted a lawsuit against Samsung in an effort to re-enforce a contract which it signed with South Korean company.

A preexisting contract had Samsung paying out per-device royalties to Microsoft for every Android product it sells, and a court case revealed Microsoft has earned $1 billion from Samsung in the form of patent-licensing royalties during 2013.

Samsung however has, reasonably, been looking to avoid paying huge Android royalties to Microsoft.

Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia phone business was seen by Samsung as a good reason to stop the royalty payment and invalidate the contract.

Though it has not been revealed the kind of settlement deal that is in place, both companies have announced the end of the dispute.

Samsung and Microsoft are pleased to announce that they have ended their contract dispute in U.S. court as well as the ICC arbitration,” a joint statement from Microsoft and Samsung’s legal teams reads.


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