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Maritime Workers Union Threaten To Shut Ports

The Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria has threatened to stop operations at the country’s seaports, if the Federal Government refuses to put an end to the use of cargo surveyors at seaports. This threat was contained in a petition sent by the union to President Goodluck Jonathan and the managing director of the Nigerian Ports Authority. The union, in the petition, argued that the use of cargo surveyors as against the statutorily approved tally clerks and on-board gangway security men was unacceptable.

The petition read in part, “We are constrained to draw the attention of the President to the massive fraud that is being perpetrated in the Ports by ‘the current parallel use of a group called Cargo Surveyors against the services of the statutorily empowered Tally Clerks and On-board Security men.”

The union, which quoted the Nigeria Dock Labour Decree No. 37 of 1999 to back its resistance to the use of cargo surveyors, gave the management of the NPA up till Tuesday, July 2 to pay the tally clerks and on-board security men their outstanding salaries, which had been stopped for 11 months. It warned that failure to do this would leave it with no option, but to shut the ports.





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