Lagos-Abidjan Highway To Cost $2bn

The Commissioner for Infrastructure, Economic Community of West African States, Mr. Ebima Njie, has revealed that the Abidjan-Lagos highway development project may cost up to $2bn.

While speaking in Abuja, on Friday, during a meeting with the development partners on the Abidjan-Lagos Corridor Highway Development Project, he said that the government will focus on three areas.

According to him, the three areas are: the legal framework, which is going to govern the movement of people and goods within the corridor; the technical terms of reference of the designs and the management, which is going to govern the highway; and the financial mechanism, which is key in getting the dream realised.

He also added that, until the design has been done properly carried out, the government cannot come up with a tangible figure. However, the for the funding of the project is $1bn to $2bn.


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