Koga Entertainment set to launch online TV

OGA Entertainment, organisers of the annual Musical concert, TOP10Mics, is set to launch an online TV platform to provide quality and top notch entertainment in its entirety.

Online TV is a platform that allows the streaming of music, movies and different audio/visual programmes through the internet for easy reception with phones and computers and it is to service the needs of particular target audience irrespective of their locations 24 hours round the clock.

According to Robert Jeyibo, an official of Koga Entertainment, “This is a project that aims at entertaining people on the go. It is a fresh and unique design that shows that we have gone the extra mile to make a difference, we are setting the pace in the entertainment industry”.

Koga entertainment, since its inception in 2011, has proven that it is a force to reckon with in the entertainment world.

It is an entertainment outfit that serves as a one stop shop for everything entertainment with four state of the art studios for movies and music production, television and radio hosting. It also boasts of organising of concerts that are beyond compare like the Top10mics, Dance234, and One Night Stand.

The acquisition of the most expensive camera Alexa for production by Koga is a stamp of arrival to dictate the course of entertainment in an already saturated industry.


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