Jonathan to HoS, Curb Civil Service Corruption, Indiscipline

President Goodluck Jonathan has charged the new Head of Service of the Federation, Alhaji Buka Aji, to ensure that he checks corruption and indiscipline in the civil service.

President Jonathan, who spoke on Monday in Abuja during Alhaji Buka Aji’s swearing-in, also urged him to restore the civil service to its glorious era. He said, “You must pursue with vigour the true implementation of the performance management system in the civil service. I believe its full implementation will positively improve the ability of civil servants to discharge their responsibilities.

“I also expect that you will intensify your efforts to enhance discipline and curtail corruption in the service. “The civil service was historically acknowledged as the citadel of excellence where the best brains, equipment and strategies are engaged. Under your leadership, you must all work hard to bring back that type of civil service in the interest of our nation.”

He noted that the leadership change in the service came at a time when his administration was not only taking account of what it had accomplished in meeting the aspirations of the people, but also accelerating action in outstanding national developmental issues. The president said the civil service was central to the realisation of his administration’s transformation agenda and the associated hopes and aspirations of Nigerians.

He drew the attention of the HoS to the ongoing reforms aimed at enhancing the nation’s rapid economic development. The President added, “As you set about your duties, the expectation of the government and our peoples is that you will now build on the achievements of your predecessors so as to complete ongoing reforms.

“In particular, you must focus on those sectors that will help the administration to deliver with urgency in areas that are core to the survival of our people such as agriculture, infrastructure, education and health amongst others.”

The president wished the new HoS success in the task ahead and called on civil servants, especially permanent secretaries to support him in achieving greater efficiency, dedication and patriotism in the service. He also commended Aji’s predecessor, Alhaji Isa Sali, whom he said served the nation well.



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